Men in a BON4M Chastity Cage taking care of hygiene



Care and Hygiene of Your BON4M Series Male Chastity Cage

Your stainless steel BON4M Series cage needs almost no maintenance. Anything trapped in the cage, however, must be kept clean and healthy. Here, we tell you how to make safety and hygiene part of your chastity game with your Keyholder.

Hygiene needs
Men in Chastity need to keep their penis clean and free from chafing.
Urination should be as unproblematic with the device as without. Occasional supervised releases are needed to check the condition of the penis and to ensure any accumulated dried fluids are safely removed.
Fortunately, this not only is easy but provides an excellent opportunity for your Keyholder to exercise authority over you.

First line of defense
The stainless steel of any BON4M Series cage is your first line of defense for all hygiene requirements.
Even if bodily fluids dry on the cage, nothing penetrates the metal surface and a freshly cleaned BON4M cage cannot transmit any disease or infection.

Sitting to urinate
All BON4M Series cages have a urethral opening large enough that most urination will be problem free. However, as any male knows, things can become misaligned.
Therefore, it is best while to sit to urinate wearing your cage. In this way, urination becomes part of your chastity training.
Changing a lifelong convenience such as standing to urinate is inherently submissive. This is especially true for those who are feminized by their Keyholder. Be prepared to use toilet tissue if you experience dispersed spray.

Showering or bathing
Ordinary showering and bathing is perfectly okay in your BON4M Series cage. If bathing, use soap last rather than let the cage sit in a mixture of dirty water.
If you’d like to be extra certain everything inside is clean, we recommend using a thin liquid soap to penetrate and cleanse effectively.
Showering or bathing with your Keyholder affords them an excellent opportunity to tease you mercilessly!

Drying Drying a wet, caged penis is very important. Use a towel, washcloth or paper tissue to dry as much as possible. Your body heat inside clothing will take care of residual moisture in most cases.
If you’re in a hurry, or extra wet, careful use of a hairdryer can be helpful. Use a low setting, if available, and don’t let it get to close.
Don’t find out the hard way how much faster stainless steel heats and how much longer it holds heat, then your flesh! You probably can’t brand yourself in this way, but don’t be the first to find out!

A snug retainer ring is essential for security, but may occasionally produce chafing, the main safety consideration in using any “trapped ball” chastity system.
Chafing is the same type of injury as a blister from ill-fitting shoes and is treated the same way: prevention, minimization, and restorative treatment. BON4M Series retainers have rounded edges to minimize the possibility of chafing.
There are several things you can do to help prevent or cure any source of discomfort in that area. Lub a few drops of mineral, baby oil, or preferably olive oil when you first put the device on can help a great deal.

Later, if you feel a tight spot or heat, you may avoid worsening the condition by discreetly adjusting yourself. Privately, you can add more mineral oil. Be sure to dab up any excess mineral oil with tissue. Mineral oil will wash out of most fabrics, but may leave stains until laundered.

If you don’t catch it in time, and become painfully chafed, you will need a supervised release. Gently dry the affected area and clean it with gentle soap such as Castile. Apply talcum or baby powder and allow the area to heal before replacing your cage. The affected area should be “aired out” as much as possible. 

Healing may take several hours, even overnight, so you and your Keyholder will work out an arrangement. Some talcum powders include menthol. These provide immediate cooling relief, but probably don’t affect healing time.
After healing, be sure to keep the area well lubricated and check often.


Long-term and professional users
Deep cleaning For those in long-term chastity or for professional Dominants who use cages during appointments with clients, “deep cleaning” is recommended.
It’s a four-step process.
  1. Take the device completely apart: Pin, spacer, cage, and open the ring.
  2. Spray (or immerse) all parts in denatured alcohol at 70% or above (the concentration of hand sanitizer) and allow to evaporate.
  3. Place the parts in boiling water for a few minutes. Allow to cool or retrieve with tongs.
  4. Restraint while cleaning is an option; let your KH tie your arms behind your back and use the moment for some sexual denial & teasing.

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