New BON4M male chastity cage in stainless steel



The security and design of the new BON4M Series raised the bar to a whole new level.
Measuring or worries about the right ring size is history as any of the BON4M’s are delivered in a discreet package which contains next to the cock cage a wide variety of ring sizes.

Our latest release is the BON4MXL. After many customer requests, BON4 finally introduces a high-quality, extra-large stainless steel cage for larger cocks: the BON4MXL.

Stay dominated and controlled in this high-quality, well polished stainless steel penis cage. The curved design can be worn discreetly under the pants. Select any of the standard 7 Cock & Ball Rings to create the perfect fit.

View our hinged BON4M Series instruction movie

Whether you are into forced, short or long term chastity, our well-designed cages will keep you controlled and locked for as long as your Keyholder decides to do so.

The innovative BON4M Series represent very secure male chastity cages and are thus ideal to wear for weeks or even months. Once your Keyholder decides it’s finally the moment to be released, the perpetual teasing and long periods of erotic sexual denial may lead to what many describe as the most intense and sensational climax.

Others may experience greater pleasure while staying locked and submissive, for as long as possible… Chastity play can be such a pleasure, yet keep in mind that it still takes a good fitting device. Very welcome and needed is thus the large selection of ring sizes (standard with any BON4M) that enables the wearer to create the right fit. The look and the feel of the cold steel may attract many and once in practice, hygiene and ventilation should be no issue due to the many cage openings. It might not take long before you consider our stainless steel design as your most precious possession.

By popular demand the BON4Micro, an extra small cock cage, has been added to the BON4M series collection.

The tiny dick cage is great for sissies, small dicks, and growers.
Not sure which model to choose? Feel free to visit our sizing page where you can find the correct chastity cage that suits your flaccid dick length.
As shown in our user-friendly instruction movie, putting on any of the BON4M’s is quite easy.
To ensure our customers the right fit all the chastity cages come standard with a variety of CBR (cock and ball ring) sizes.
The solid BON4M promo comes with a variety of 4 rings, the innovated hinged BON4M Series comes with 7 different sizes of rings.
Put your scrotum followed by your penis through the ring that fits you best. Put the cage over your flaccid penis and secure the device with the especially for the BON4M Series designed stainless steel padlock.
Now you are caged in steel and there will be no more cumming.
Enjoy being submissive and spice up your relation with erotic play and kinky orgasm control.


BON4Mplus small US$324.00
BON4Mplus large US$359.00


In case you are not sure or simply would like to own 2 or even 3 different cage sizes select one of the BON4Mplus Series, an ideal and very complete stainless steel package.

Sizing is easy: The very small BON4Micro cage is perfect for persons with a small flaccid dick between 1.4″ (35mm) and 2.6″ (66mm) and for those who wish to wear a small snug cage for certain reasons.
We advise those with a small/medium sized penis between 2.6″ (66mm) and 4″ (102mm) to select the BON4M, basically our best sold male chastity device.
The BON4MLarge, as the name indicates, has a relatively large cage and is therefore ideal for men with a longer flaccid dick between 4″ (102mm) and 5.2″ (132mm).
Perfect for men with a really big cock is our latest release, the BON4MXL. Have your cock between 5.2″ (132mm) and 6.6″ (168mm) caged and controlled by your Keyholder 24/7.

Note: All of the recently launched Hinged BON4M Series come with 3 different gap options. That way the wearer can select the ideal gap / space between the cage and the chosen CBR (ring)
We sometimes receive mails from people who wonder how to measure the length of their penis.
To select the right cage & model one should only consider the flaccid penis length under normal circumstances and temperature.
The selected cage will prevent erection of your dick whilst being secured and kept under lock by the Keyholder.

Whilst checking out in our shop choose between the free FedEx shipping (3 – 5 business days) or select the option “next day delivery” to receive your order the next business day (US$ 36.00) (shipping to the US and Europe).
When you open the discreet package you’ll notice a large variety of hinged CBR’s.
The innovative design of the C&B rings allows you to open the rings totally. These are therefore very easy to put on.
Take your time to try and find out which of the variety of ring sizes fits you best.
A very important detail, as once you secure the chastity cage to a ring that fits well, you’ll have excellent comfort and security.
Feel free to take a look at the BON4M short instruction movie in which we show you how easy it is to secure your selected ring size to the cage.
We also demonstrate how to create the 3 different gaps between the cage and any of the rings.


BON4Max high-quality male chastity package in stainless steel including all cage sizes.

NEW – Our exciting combination, the BON4Micro, the BON4M, the BON4ML, and the BON4MXL does more than ensure nearly all men will find the properly fitting cage.
You may be fortunate and fit in either cage, so your Keyholder determines your degree of confinement.

Perfect for the Keyholder that has multiple subs.


BON4 also created a huge selection of 14 different ring sizes.
We know the importance of a perfectly fitting ring, actually, this is what holds the entire device.
On top of the large selection of rings you’ll receive with your order, we also added the option to select additional (very) small or (very) large back rings.
For the fellas that are really well endowed we created the 2.13″, 2.20″, 2.28″, and even 2.36″ back rings.
With the optional 1.33″ (34 mm) ring we kept in our mind men with a small scrotum but also those with only one testicle.
  * All extraordinary ring sizes are fully compatible with any of the innovative steel cages that have been purchased on this website since December 2018.
  * You can purchase any of these ring sizes separately or simply add your choice to your order whilst checking out in our shop.

The New BON4M series comes with 5 unique laser engraved numbers on the stainless steel cage.
That way we can track your device and guarantee a genuine BON4M.
Beware: the popular BON4M has been copied and knock offs are being offered online!

All the BON4 products come with an attached tag.

Scan the QR code with a smartphone to view the instruction movie and fill in the unique code to claim 1 year full warranty!

PROMO BON4Msmall Solid
previous model that
comes with standard
4 different sizes of solid CBR’s


previous model that
comes with standard
4 different sizes of solid CBR’s


PROMO BON4Mplus Solid
previous model that
comes with standard
4 different sizes of solid CBR’s