Comfy BON4 red silicone chastity package to stay devoted to your Keyholder


BON4plus red silicone male chastity dual cage set

BON4plus red silicone male chastity dual cage set

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Soft, comfortable silicone chastity cages are attractive and practical. It sure is easier to cross your legs then with a steel cage. For fetish play, the translucent shaft covers offer a teasing glimpse of what lies inside. Another principal advantage is that no submissive need be un-caged in airports or secured government or corporate buildings.

Silicone is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and comfortable to put on. The cage is easy to put on and, because it’s so soft, can be worn for quite a long time. All parts except the locks are made of plastic, and so won’t set off metal detectors. What about the metal locks, you ask. Our custom, BON4 individually numbered plastic locks provide a fiendish way to keep you secure. A simple toenail clipper could free you, but would be instantly detectable.

Two cages allow your Keyholder to determine your level of comfort in your cage. Remain docile if you wish to earn privileges! Four rings allow you the best fit and your Keyholder can add another submissive should the opportunity arise.

Note to Keyholders: Silicone cages are soft, not rigid. Therefore, submissives in silicone require at least a minimum of supervision at all times, for example having time limits in washrooms or a male or female personal aide to help the poor submissive in the stall or at the urinal. Otherwise, a desperate male can squeeze and squeeze and…

Note to Submissives: Though silicone cages are hypoallergenic and easy to clean, they may retain a bit more urine than the stainless steel cages. You already must sit on the toilet like a girl, but with the silicone cage you may wish to rinse and blot with toilet paper. Another reminder of your submission.

Note: The silicone male chastity devices, these are not meant for those who are seriously into male chastity particularly. It's more or less a toy, having fun. Or put such on when sport or get cleaned by your Keyholder. In combination with the professional recently launched BON4M Series these will do the job.

Content & product specification:

  • Two silicone cages: 3.46″ (87.9 mm) and 4.33″ (110.0 mm)
  • Weight specification silicone cages: 1.31 oz / 37 g and 1.69 oz / 48 g
  • Internal cage length: 2.5″ (63.5 mm) and 3.46″ (87.9 mm)
  • Cage opening ∅: 1.25″ (31.8 mm) and 1.37″ (34.8 mm)
  • Four different silicone back rings: 1.57″, 1.73″, 1.88″, and 2.04″ (40, 44, 48, and 52 mm)
  • Weight specification silicone back rings: 0.78, 0.81, .088, and 0.95 oz (22, 23, 25, and 27 g)
  • Two nylon pins
  • Four plastic locking straps
  • Five individually numbered plastic seal locks
  • Two top quality padlocks

BON4 code tag:

All the BON4 male chastity devices come with an attached tag.

Scan the QR code with a smartphone to view the instruction movie and fill in the unique code to claim a 1-year full warranty!

Use your smartphone to scan the QR-code, go ahead and try ==>